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Bittersweet angst and optimism weave through Katelyn Convery’s music, piercing the frontier of modern alt-rock, and harkening back to the edgy era of 90s NW grunge, with textures characteristic of early 2000s indie-pop. Alluring melodies, compelling arrangements, and perceptive, unapologetic lyrics land as a ferocious, buttery roar.  

The result: something altogether timeless and new. And getting noticed.


Convery’s latest album Miles Awake boasts polished lyrics and sophisticated soundscapes, backed by a group of distinguished musicians and co-produced with bandmate and collaborator Timothy Karplus. The music encompasses life’s diverse experiences, joyous and challenging. While songs like Goddamn Disaster and Extraordinary Love deliver a powerful emotional punch, Convery still leaves room for sensuality and tenderness in songs like Look Out Below and Let’s Run Away. Themes of bravery and self-preservation resonate throughout. 


Overall, Convery’s discography captures an eclectic mix of songwriting spanning the globe. Her debut album, Unarmed (2015) is a stunning reflection of her time living abroad in Seoul, Barcelona and Cape Town. Her single, American Dream pays tribute to the courageous matriarchal figures of her family, while touching on the complex process of defining a distinct identity in contradiction to the status quo. The song was featured on the 2021 PDX Pop Now! Compilation, alongside many immensely talented Portland-based musicians. 


Despite roadblocks and limitations, Convery’s dedication to music has prevailed and her story is shared throughout her work. Born and raised in Portland, OR, Katelyn graduated from U of O with a degree in journalism in 2007 then spent eight years living abroad.  She now splits time between Portland and the Oregon Coast.

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